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"Let Me Be Your Valentine Book" - BookLikers Recommend Books for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is any moment now! If you still haven't found an accurate gift for your soul mate or still thinking about how to make this evening special, pick one of books suggested by BookLikers or set up a romantic reading session for your love one with great romantic read. We asked several BookLikers about their book recommendations perfect for Valentine's Day, let's read on and feel love in the air :-)


Olivia's Recommendations (Olivia Smith): 


The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

 This story is so romantic and emotional. The love they share is so special and wonderful. Even that Beth has a child, his name is Ben, makes the story unique. Especially I think that love stories should have to do with a man and a woman, not a child in the relationship. But then I read it and the it was great. Nicholas Sparks can truly write amazing stories. I really do recommend this book. Find your happiness on Valentine's Day or you will regret it forever!

This story tells a lovely bond between four best friends. After school they want to feel free and alive. Each of them want to follow their life dream. So they go separate ways. Fall in love. Learn to grow up and learn what it means to have such best friends as they were sisters. I loved the story so much, it was warming and funny. The love stories between each of them with a boy is so nice and sweet. 
Footfree and Fancyloose is a book for everyone who loves their best friends or their sisters.  
Erika's Recommendations (Living for The Books):

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith       

This is probably one of the cutest books I’ve ever read. It was a fun,    lighthearted, quick read that left me gushing over it. It also had a British guy as the love interest. How much better can it get?


Saving June by Hannah Harrington 

This book made me want to laugh and cry at the same time because it was so heartbreaking, but also sweet at the same time. Harper and Jake were so cute together and I loved that there was so much music in this book. The romance and music in this book made it stand out to among all the other romance books out there.


Amy's Recommendations (Amy's Book Den):

A great way to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit is by reading a good romance book. You know, one of those that tug at your heartstrings, and makes you swoon and totally believe in book boyfriends. I’ve read many books that fall under this category, but these two YA novels came immediately to mind.

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

A boarding school, a British guy, and Paris all rolled up into one of the most romantic contemporary YA novels I’ve ever read. The story is set in the romance capital of the world and Perkins does an awesome job of transporting us to the streets of Paris. And if you ask around for one of the hottest YA Crushes ever, you will hear the name Etienne St. Claire.

The Archers of Avalon by Chelsea Fine -- Now I know this isn’t one book, it’s three, but the romance that Chelsea Fine has created in the entire series is something that you will never forget. If you’re looking for a delicious treat on Valentine’s Day, then look no further. These books have not one, but two swoon-worthy heroes who’ll battle for your heart. Did I mention they’re identical twins? Anew is the first book in the trilogy and I promise you’ll be hunting down for the second book the second you finish the first.


Harold's Recommendations (On Books): 


What Dreams May Come by Richard Matheson 
Recommendation:  Read it!
What does the man who brought us great classics like Stir of EchoesI am LegendTerror at 20,000 Feet, and Hell House know about romance?  A lot.  In his book What Dreams May Come, Chris Nielsen literally goes into the depths of hell in order to spend the rest of eternity with his wife.  If this book doesn't move you, then maybe your soul needs rescuing.
Without Remorse by Tom Clancy 
Recommendation: Gift it to a guy in your life
To be fair, on the surface, this book isn't very romantic.  John Kelly had finally recovered from the death of his pregnant wife from a car accident when he rescues a woman from prostitution and the barbiturate monkey on her back.  She becomes his new girlfriend but shortly she is killed by her old pimp awaking a sleeping giant.  Would your man wage his own personal war for you?  John Kelly would. 
Rescuing Sprite  Mark R. by Levin
Recommendation: Read it!
This isn't romance but if you love dogs like I do then it is a must read.  Since Valentine's Day is about love, read about Mark Levin's love for an older rescued dog which he and his family named Sprite.
Joelle's Recommendations (Angels with Attitude Book Reviews):
Simply Irresistible by Jill Shalvis   
Looking for a fun read that has tons of  heat and makes you laugh  then this is a great book for you.Jill Shalvis is a new author for me and this is her first book in her new series.I recently read this book and I have to say that I loved it.This story made me laugh throughout  the entire story.I have never had so much fun with a read .There was tons of romance sexy scenes hot men and life's drama and the reuniting of three sister's who have lived apart.One of the funniest things that happened in this story is where Maddie receives a recipe box . Your thinking homemade recipe right ? No, mom left life's lessons according to her and her antics will have you laughing for sure. Recommended read for all a contemporary romance series that will have you falling in love with all its characters and the place itself . I believe there is magic in the air there...
Born of Silence by Sherrilyn Kenyon 
I am a big fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon's books and her current release just made me a bigger fan. This story between Zarya Starska and Kell also known as Darling Cruel was   one of the most heart wrenching story that will be tugging at your heart strings for sure.The story was full of tragedy and pain and sorrow along with tons of action and suspense.The story had amazing characters who were lethal, loyal, protective,and loving. I loved the cast of characters as always all previous characters of all past books in this series found there way into Sherrilyn's story Born of Silence.Kell's story was an  amazing  touching story that had you feeling the pain of what life had dealt him.This story will have you welling with tears as Kell was dealt one betrayal after another but perhaps love will conquer all .Zarya will be the only one to heal Kells broken heart. A recommended read to all. This story was fantastic!
Which book will you give instead of Valentine's Card?