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BookLikesBookLikes’ first Newsletter was sent and hopefully received  by you. We hope that you enjoyed reading first sample of interesting reads on BookLikes and that you'll agree to receive BookLikes' info in a nutshell regularly. The Newsletter is tailored to language version that you’ve chosen on BookLikes - English, German or Polish. If you would like to change your preferences, please do that it your Settings


Newsletter isn’t the only feature that allows you to discover BookLikes and book lovers writing here - there's more to Explore. We modified and redesigned Explore page where you can find lots of blogs with a glimpse at their contents. This new design let’s you take a look into somebody’s reading world and gain new followings and followers. We have also changed the position of Explore entrance which is now on the top on the navigation bar. Explore page and all blogs presented there are also adjusted to your language version. If you change language in your Settings, the Explore page will change too and present you BookLikers with the same language version as yours.


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