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Share the News


Sharing is caring and supporting. Now you can share the news, images, texts and reviews you enjoyed on your social media straight from your BookLikes Dashboard. 


The posts on your Dashboard has just received a new icon on the left - Share. Now if you enjoyed the text, you can share it with your friends on your social media. All you have to do is to click the share icon and choose the social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, LinkedIn.




You can adjust the post/tweet/pin and add your comment. 





You can use the standard social media or the extended. To be able to share you should be logged into your social media, no synchronization is required. 






Discussion posts and notifications

We've updated the way of reaching the discussion post from your notification. Now when you receive a notification that a person added a new post/reply in the discussion thread, you'll be moved directly to this post/reply. 



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